Your Purchase Helps Donate Meals for the Hungry

Together we will help donate meals to the hungry in our communities. At Rug Fashion Store our goal is to help our customers create a home environment that expresses their personal style. We also want to serve the needs of our customers on a personal level and to make a difference in our communities. That’s why we are giving a portion from each sale to donate meals to those in need in partnership with Feeding America.

Partnering with Feeding America and Supporting Local Food Banks

Community Food Bank
Each purchase donates food to Feeding America

Partnering with Feeding America and supporting Local Food Banks is something we do for ourselves, our employees, our customers, our communities and country. The home is a perfect canvas for one’s personal expression, be it a place for relaxation, entertainment, gathering or comfort. It is also the place where individuals and families share a meal.

All of us at Rug Fashion Store want to make is possible for individuals and families to share a meal wherever they call “home”.  No one in America should ever go to bed hungry.  We are doing our small part to make this a reality.

Each Sale Donates Meals for those in Need

Young mother and her daughter having breakfast together thanks to you

Whenever you make a purchase at our flagship store in Tulsa, Oklahoma or at, we will donate a portion of your sale to Feeding America.  Your donation will go toward supporting members of your community.  In Tulsa, our donations go directly to the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.  With each purchase you will ensure that meals are given to those in need.  That is how Together We’re Feeding America.  Shop Now.